Friday, March 22, 2013

Where the Grass is Greener

I bet you thought I was long gone. Well it's taken just over a year, but I'm back at aMaison.

For the most part it's because I got pregnant and thus busy growing a little one while taking care of our original little one. And now that three months with #2 have passed, I feel like we are getting out of the weeds. But I also wasn't blogging because I just wasn't inspired.

Until yesterday.

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We have been dying for spring here in Chicago. And yesterday my wee ones and some friends and I got a taste of it at a hip new place in the South Loop. Open for less than three weeks, Sod Room is an eco-friendly indoor playscape for tots. It's a toss up whether the moms or the kids liked it best.

I can't say enough about how wonderful it was, but for the sake of the blog I'll stick to what made it so well designed.

Our bud Andrew and my son Jack (right)
For sure the exposed brick, custom-built dollhouse, treehouse and train table, and cork floors were slick. The sustainably and responsibly made toys -- musical instruments, a rocking horse and trains -- kept the munchkins intently busy.

A snack spot with scaled-down chairs for shorties, free coffee and tea for grown-ups and tables built from reclaimed wood provided a place to recharge. And the skylight -- oh how wonderful it was to see the sunlight -- brought everyone much joy.

But the fabric installation that took center stage in the space stole my heart and piqued my curiosity for just who had dreamt this up.

Lucky for me, one of the owners was working the door, and we had time to chat about how he and his wife put it all together with the help of designer Jen Talbot. I instantly Googled her and turns out she loves fabric and prints and colors like me.

BFF and caped crusader Loie, guarding the dollhouse
I am simply smitten with the creativity and child-centered design behind Sod Room and the freshness and beauty it expresses.

Jack puts a cork in it
An example of interior design at its best form and function, I encourage everyone to check it out for themselves!

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  1. I haven't been here yet, but I can't wait to check it out. Perhaps when Mack is in school as I have a feeling he'd tear that place apart! Might be better to visit with just wee Vivian ;)