Monday, February 27, 2012

Wet Paint

I was looking through old photos and realizing all the things we've done around the house that I never got around to posting. One was a little DIY project I did immediatley after moving in, and it took only a matter of minutes.

We inherited a pair of large wicker chairs from our former landlord in the city. They were a unique style, but the sun-faded element had to go. So I bought a couple cans of spray paint that were similar to our red front door. I spread a tarp over the back lawn and voila - the chairs went from "meh" to marvelous. I adore the glossiness.
Before (left) and after (right), 2010
The pair came with a table, and it's on this summer's to-do list to spray paint that a different color, perhaps. Maybe a metallic? I'll probably spruce up the wicker seat pads at the time too, or if I get really adventuresome, use them as a template for a fabric covered cushion.

Here are the chairs on our front porch today. It's a fantastic spot to unwind with friends or neighbors, spring through fall, as we have done many times already. I can't wait for temps to break 50 so we can enjoy it again!
Painting project No. 2 was brightening up our staircase. When we purchased the home, all the wood floors had been refinished in a golden tone, but the stairs were untouched and a dark brown. To top it off was a blah brown runner.  
With and without the carpet 
Two more factors came into the consideration: The first landing has a gorgeous stained glass window, but the opacity lets in very little light. And the trim, like in the rest of the home, is painted white.
I was dying to brighten up this main thoroughfare, so after ripping off the carpet and padding, we had professionals sand down and restain the treads to match the floors. Then a painter matched the risers and the banister's posts to the trim. Here's a shot of the finished project at Christmastime.

Besides finishing off the wicker furniture, this year's painting goals are a rusting-out pair of metal chairs and a flaked-out wooden table, which reside on the porch, and adding a chevron pattern to the largest wall in the living room. I'll get right on all that...

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