Thursday, April 7, 2011

World Piece

Is it bad that our son is only 1 month old (tomorrow!) and I'm already designing his big-boy room?

Honestly I can't help it, with all the time I have to catch up on blogs while he's nursing. I start reading one, find a product that wows me and then I lose myself in the slippery slope that is the Internet.

It all started last night as I was checking on fellow Oak Parker Nicole at Making It Lovely, where I got a crush on the chair she just got for her daughter. She led me to Urban Outfitters, and I was overwhelmed by how many fun pieces (including the mid-century rocker), they've got right now -- and I got inspired.

For example, I love the idea of a huge map for the east wall, and I'd use this paper, this decal or my favorite choice: a large orange atlas tapestry! The color is so bright and unexpected, plus I love fabric as wall covering. It reminds me of the room on the cover of Susanna Salk's Room for Children. (Check out some of the fabulous designer's resources in this article).

I would carry out the orange to the rest of the walls, paining in a few jagged vertical lines to represent time zones. From there I might delve into a pirate theme, which came to mind after our son just received these witty washcloths from some friends.

While we're dreaming, I'd use this bed (even though it's discontinued) and pair it with this rag rug that looks like scraps of clothing from a bunch of washed up sailors -- all those stripes! Finally, if we had a separate kids' bathroom (again dreaming), this toothbrush holder would be a must. With the pirate theme, it all says a little Swiss Family Robinson to me, and what kid doesn't love that?

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  1. Love the map as wallpaper!! What a great way to encourage a curiosity and appreciation for our world!